1 Year

WordPress informed me that today is my 1 year anniversary of blogging! How quickly a year can pass, and how much life can change in a year.

I know I have been MIA lately, and I can explain. Instagram took down my Blog account for some reason, and I couldn’t figure out how to get back in. Because of that, I got frustrated and stopped writing. I know it sounds like an excuse, but I’ve been so busy with work and wedding planning that I kind of just let my writing fall to the wayside. With summer quickly approaching, I will be more committed to writing very soon.

Thanks for waiting. Promise to be back soon.


Creativity Craves Creative Crevices

My fiancé and I pulled up to a local Starbucks for a meeting with our wedding invitation company a little early on a Thursday evening. We decided to sit in the car and take in the silence before venturing inside to grab a coffee and see the final draft of our invitation. There are so many not moments of silence lately, that we make the most of any time we do get. We could see from the window that the coffee shop was as busy as it usually is. The hustle and bustle of individuals and groups of coffee lovers congregating in one space, separate but together to meet deadlines, hammer out work, or catch up over a cup of coffee. “This is a busy place,” my fiancé commented. An avid non coffee drinker, his confusion over the fuss of Starbucks and other coffeehouse chains was evident, “I don’t understand why people would leave their homes to do their work here,” he commented. “If they can get the same work done at home, why would they pack everything up and lug it somewhere loud? Not to mention to price of a coffee in a place like this!” he said with a puzzled look on his face. My future husband does not understand the first world necessity for over-priced coffee variations in fancy chain cafes, which I love and appreciate about him, but he is marrying someone who most surely does appreciate the lavish splurging on unnecessary items, and so we both accept each other for who we are. Marriage is about compromise, right? Continue reading

America’s Sweetheart Dream: A DCC Reality

Growing up, my dad made it very clear that the only acceptable football team my family could root for is the Dallas Cowboys. My dad played college ball and was a die hard Cowboys fan so that just translated to our family with ease. Our first dog’s name was even Dallas Star- it was a serious commitment to America’s team from a Canadian household. My dad and my brother would watch games together and I’d always look forward to the halftime shows where I could watch the cheerleaders perform their routines. My earliest memories are of me sitting in front of the television, being captivated by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. They were beautiful, young, and could dance their hearts out. Their talent astounded me, and I wanted to be just like them. I’d spend my weekends learning their routines and perform them for my family. Continue reading

Engagement Styles: My Top 3 Wedding Planning Essentials

I’ve always been a sucker for graphic tees and trendy mugs, I’m a fan of a cute tee that showcases a funny pun, or a coffee mug that displays a sweet message. Since I’ve been engaged, I’ve particularly noticed that there’s some pretty appealing pieces available for brides-to-be that fit this trend. Over the past ten months, I’ve been enjoying the whole process of being engaged. The planning, the daydreaming, the excitement that comes with being a fiancé. Of course, I understand that these moments I’ve been enjoying so much lead us to our marriage which is, of course, the most exciting part. Though planning can get quite stressful at times considering budgeting, decision making, and important life choices, I’ve realized that it’s supposed to be fun! And to me, items that can be cute and useful seem to make the process a little less painless. So today I’m supplying favourite engagement style planning items, and I’ve got a pretty sweet deal to share with you too!

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Mrs. Agbons’ re-Journey for Uplifting and Inspiring the Soul

Lately, I’ve lost sight of what I stand for. Things have been pretty chaotic over here with the wedding coming up rather quickly and work being increasingly overwhelming. You reach a certain time in life when things just start falling into place and so you forget what you’ve been working towards. Trust me, I went through the struggle! For years I worked towards obtaining my degrees, locking down my career, moving forward in my relationship, and feeling financially secure. There were many long, tireless nights spent fine tuning certain aspects of my life. I prayed, I meditated, I affirmed, I worked my ASS off (pardon my French) and about a year and a half ago, it all seemed to shift into a fine balance. I had finished my schooling ( though I still hope to go back and finish my PhD), secured my dream job, gotten engaged, and found some financial security in the midst of it all (let’s leave school loans out of this for the time being – note my ironic tone). In feeling that life has been falling into place, I lost sight of the motivators that have always been important to me. And so this February, I’m making a conscious effort to bring three motivators back into my life. Because no matter how great life seems to be, there’s always room for improvement!

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The Cold and Flu Remedy: Homemade Chicken Broth Recipe

This is a quick post to share my homemade chicken broth recipe. If you have littles at home this is a great remedy for tummy aches and sniffles. If you’re just taking care of yourself it’s a quick way to swerve the nasty bugs that swirl around this time of year. There’s something comforting about a cup of soup when you’re feeling a little under the weather, and knowing it’s homemade makes it that much better. Follow the simple instructions below, it’s so easy you’ll laugh, and never forget it!


2 chicken stock cubes 

4 cups water 

1 cup of your favourite small pasta (sometimes I just break the spaghetti up into little pieces)


In a medium saucepan, bring 4 cups of water to a boil

Once boiling, add chicken stock cubes and stir until disolved 

Drop noodles and stir to prevent sticking

Allow noodles to soften, stirring frequently

Once soft, serve immediately

*Note: recipe does not call for salt as chicken stock has enough, but pepper to taste if you wish


For egg-drop soup, crack one medium sized egg and beat vigorously 

Once noodles soften, add egg to boiling water, stir softly 

Egg will harden over water, serve immediately 

Voila! There you have it, the easiest homemade chicken broth ever! Enjoy with your favourite sandwich or as a stand alone meal. Stay brave against cold and flu season, and treat yourself to this easy recipe when feeling under the weather! 

Happy Wedding Year! I mean…

Oops, Happy New Year! But y’all, I’m getting married this year! I just can’t wait, my heart could burst with anticipation. There’s so many good things coming this year and I can hardly stand the excitement. 2016 was good to me, it brought me so many things to be thankful for but I just know 2017 is going to be the most wonderful year yet. I am officially 7 months away from my wedding day and I suddenly feel like there’s a million and one things to do. Isn’t it funny that when you set your wedding date it feels so far off, yet before you know it the day is around the corner! There are so many little details that go into planning a wedding, and being as organized as I am I’ve tried to stay on top of things as best I can. Today I’m sharing my surprisingly small list of what needs to get done 7-6 months before your wedding date, hopefully you’ll find it helpful too! Continue reading

Suspension of Disbelief: Top 5 Must See Movies of 2016

A favourite date that my fiancé and I frequent is the going to see a movie at the theatre. We used to be kind of obsessive, seeing 2 sometimes 3 movies a week. We have even indulged in double movie dates where we see the early show then the late show. This is an indulgence that has become less and less prominent as we start to buckle down and save towards our wedding and dream home, but we still manage to get to the theatre about once or twice a month. We love the whole experience, the large tub of popcorn (no extra butter – it ruins it for us), a large fountain drink, and our favourite bag of chocolate make for the perfect pairings in our little world.

Being a drama teacher, suspension of disbelief is something I teach in my classroom on a daily basis. Being able to immerse yourself in a film by getting lost in an alternate reality for a short time is special. If you are truly suspending your disbelief, if a film has the ability to do that, then you are able to escape your mundane for a few hours of time. That is a beautiful thing. If you think about our daily stressors and typical occurrences, getting to  know these characters and stories is an intimate break from our day to day. When you are able to forget about your worries and fully enjoy a film to the extent that you forget you are sitting in a movie theatre, this is how you know a movie is well done. So today I am sharing my top 5 movies that we saw at the theatre this past year. Perhaps as you have some downtime over the holidays, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy some of these flicks with your loved ones. Continue reading

Christmas Chaos: 5 Tips for Conquering the Holiday Hustle

I usually pride myself on being a fairly organized person. I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by early to mid December, wrapped and under the tree. This year, however, I will be the first to admit I have let Christmas get away from me! Yes, please point at me in shame, I deserve it! I do have a good enough reason though. Usually teachers finish work the week before Christmas and that “buys” me some time to buy and wrap my gifts for family and friends.This year, we are finishing work on Friday, December 23rd so there is no down time for planning. Additionally, I was busy running our school production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” which consumed most evenings and weekends from late November to mid December. So here I am, December 21 and no gift wrap in sight! So, to help me help you, I’m sharing five ways to beat the holiday chaos that is sure to ensue this late in the shopping game! Continue reading

Director’s Note

For the past 12 weeks I have given my heart and soul to the theatre program at the high school I work at. We started with auditions during the first week of school and have worked each day after school and on weekends to make the show come to life. This was my first experience solely directing a show, and I can’t lie and say it wasn’t extremely overwhelming at times. However, the student actors are so talented and dedicated that it was hard to find a complaint. Additionally,the staff at my school have been more than helpful and supportive throughout the process. A colleague of mine agreed to create our program and as I was sending her the information to include, I realized I’d have to write a director’s note. I thought, at first, that I would give just a little blurb about how excited I am to be part of a fantastic program and how proud I am of the kids, but then again – I am a writer. And as I began writing I started realizing how fortunate I am to be able to create a world on stage that can act as an escape not only for me but for the kids too. Today I am sharing my director’s note with you. Later next week, I’ll share my entire play process.

Hello and welcome to our production of The Diary of Anne Frank. Creating a show is such a wonderful experience; the theatre is a space where I can leave behind my day to day worries to create – and for a time live in – an “alternate reality”. How fortunate we are to present that reality as entertainment to friends and family who fill our audiences. A high school production cannot go on without the help of many student, teacher, and community volunteers. Together, we have worked magnificently to create something unique. My hat’s off to our marvelously talented student actors who have astounded me every single day. Our common goal tonight is that you will also be able to, for a short while, become lost in our “alternate reality”.

It is difficult to direct a show with so much dramatic irony. My wish for tonight is that you will forget everything you think you know about Anne Frank; this story is not the one you have learned about. No, this story, does not focus on concentration camps and Hitler’s Nazi regime. Instead, it tells the tale about a young girl and her family (and a few others) who experience their day-to-day lives in an Annex, quarreling and bickering, loving and celebrating. There is humour and lightheartedness, anger and sadness, and even a teenage love story all leading to our obvious and inevitable end.

The greatest challenge as a director is to create sustainable characters that will authenticate, in this case, a very real story while also finding new elements to keep the show fresh and entertaining. I hope I have achieved that goal. You will notice that there are two actors playing Anne. This choice was made to showcase the innocence of Annex Anne in relation to her written word. Tonight, please join Theatre Aquinas’ Student Actors as we shift to WWII Amsterdam to meet Mrs. Kraler, Miep, the Frank & Van Daan families, as well as the beloved Mr. Dussel. If you find yourself being captivated by our sweet Anne, falling in love with Peter, chuckling at Mrs. Van Daan, charmed by Mr. Frank, or taken by any other characters – please look around you. I expect you will be among friends. Please enjoy the show!