Creativity Craves Creative Crevices

My fiancé and I pulled up to a local Starbucks for a meeting with our wedding invitation company a little early on a Thursday evening. We decided to sit in the car and take in the silence before venturing inside to grab a coffee and see the final draft of our invitation. There are so many not moments of silence lately, that we make the most of any time we do get. We could see from the window that the coffee shop was as busy as it usually is. The hustle and bustle of individuals and groups of coffee lovers congregating in one space, separate but together to meet deadlines, hammer out work, or catch up over a cup of coffee. “This is a busy place,” my fiancé commented. An avid non coffee drinker, his confusion over the fuss of Starbucks and other coffeehouse chains was evident, “I don’t understand why people would leave their homes to do their work here,” he commented. “If they can get the same work done at home, why would they pack everything up and lug it somewhere loud? Not to mention to price of a coffee in a place like this!” he said with a puzzled look on his face. My future husband does not understand the first world necessity for over-priced coffee variations in fancy chain cafes, which I love and appreciate about him, but he is marrying someone who most surely does appreciate the lavish splurging on unnecessary items, and so we both accept each other for who we are. Marriage is about compromise, right?

“It’s not about the coffee,” I tried explaining, “it’s about the atmosphere inside the place that motivates people to get up and get going.” He rolled his eyes and argued back to me, not understanding the creative energy that flows between people in coffee shops and general meeting areas. For me and many other people, creativity and motivation is generated through feeling that same energy from other people. While we were in university, my fiancé benefited from solo-study sessions on the quiet floor of the library, where my work thrived on the busier floors, filled with likeminded students who could share ideas and stories from their week. That got me thinking, he was studying Medical Sciences and I studied Theatre and Literature, was there a correlation between our study habits and the courses we were studying?

It has been almost two months since my last post, and this because I have had a case of writer’s block. I know it sounds cliche, and like I am grasping at straws, but I honestly could not think of what to write. I want my writing to mean something, I want to be able to use my writing as a tool to reach others, and I was finding it hard to be authentic in my creativity and write something worth while. So I stepped back from the process for a little to allow myself to grow as a writer and artist. Soon after, I started writing again, but not here. Instead, my inspiration called me towards a new adventure that I’d been mulling over for a few years. It’s not something that I’m ready to share publicly yet, but I am still writing, chipping away little by little.

In the time away from my blog writing I’ve realized the importance of having a creative, peaceful space to write in. If I’m being honest, my life hasn’t been very organized or peaceful lately, so it seems fitting that it’s taken a toll on my creative outlet. I’ve agreed to allow myself to leave the confines of work or my home to venture into a Starbucks or likeminded cafe where I can gather with others who also have a work goal in mind. Also, we have just gotten possession of our new home so I will surely set up a creative space there for myself. I will also encourage my fiancé to take solace there as well because warm, creative, inviting spaces are always nice to relax and unwind in. In my absence, I’ve also noticed my hope to channel my creative energy elsewhere too, like acting or directing, so I hope to do more of that as well. I always tell my Drama students to never stop doing what they love, and never believe they can’t succeed at building their creativity. I think it’s time I take my own advice, too!


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