Engagement Styles: My Top 3 Wedding Planning Essentials

I’ve always been a sucker for graphic tees and trendy mugs, I’m a fan of a cute tee that showcases a funny pun, or a coffee mug that displays a sweet message. Since I’ve been engaged, I’ve particularly noticed that there’s some pretty appealing pieces available for brides-to-be that fit this trend. Over the past ten months, I’ve been enjoying the whole process of being engaged. The planning, the daydreaming, the excitement that comes with being a fiancé. Of course, I understand that these moments I’ve been enjoying so much lead us to our marriage which is, of course, the most exciting part. Though planning can get quite stressful at times considering budgeting, decision making, and important life choices, I’ve realized that it’s supposed to be fun! And to me, items that can be cute and useful seem to make the process a little less painless. So today I’m supplying favourite engagement style planning items, and I’ve got a pretty sweet deal to share with you too!

Like any super-organized person, planners, sticky notes, coloured pens, highlighters, etc. are staples in my day-to-day. A good friend gifted me with a Kate Spade wedding planner and I was quite impressed with how much information was inside. It includes plenty of information of what to plan and even when to plan it. It provides yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily breakdowns of what to expect! It even has cute love quotes throughout that just make you feel sentimental. It also had a lot of space for scrapbooking your favourite ideas, which is another fun pastime for me. It also functions as a binder so it’s easy to add in your own papers and important files. Most importantly, it’s a fantastic keepsake to share with your future children! GET IT HERE: Bridal Planner


Another gift I received was a coffee mug that says “To have and to hold” on it. Another favourite of mine for wedding planning because, let’s face it, I need coffee – a lot of coffee – to get through this process! You can find cute, different styles at Sax 5th Avenue or Marshal’s. You can also design your own using Vista Print, which is a neat idea too!


Last but not least, my favourite essential: graphic tees! There are so many cute pieces available for brides-to-be right now and I’m totally obsessed with the cute tees that say Mrs, Wifey, or FEYONCE! Most importantly, it’s important to be comfy when you’re wedding planning, so finding great pieces that are also comfortable is important too. I’ve teamed up with a company called Live Love Game Day to offer you 10% off your next purchase. Use code mrsagbons10 at checkout for this awesome deal! Stay tuned for my next post where I sit down with their founder, Sydney, for a little insight on where her creativity comes from!



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