Happy Wedding Year! I mean…

Oops, Happy New Year! But y’all, I’m getting married this year! I just can’t wait, my heart could burst with anticipation. There’s so many good things coming this year and I can hardly stand the excitement. 2016 was good to me, it brought me so many things to be thankful for but I just know 2017 is going to be the most wonderful year yet. I am officially 7 months away from my wedding day and I suddenly feel like there’s a million and one things to do. Isn’t it funny that when you set your wedding date it feels so far off, yet before you know it the day is around the corner! There are so many little details that go into planning a wedding, and being as organized as I am I’ve tried to stay on top of things as best I can. Today I’m sharing my surprisingly small list of what needs to get done 7-6 months before your wedding date, hopefully you’ll find it helpful too!

1. Select and Purchase Invitations

Decide how you want your invitations to look, fancy and sophisticated or formal and chic? Then, decide what information you’d like to include on the invitation. Ordering your invitations and getting them signed sealed and delivered will alleviate a lot of stress, especially if you’re not doing a save the date card. I’ve looked into using Savvy Sendables, here’s the link to their website: Savvy Sendables

2. Shop for Bridesmaids Dresses

A bridesmaids dress usually take 3-5 months to come in, so make sure you’re getting together with your girls over the next few weeks or months to lock down a dress. To make this ordeal as painless as possible for all parties, have a set budget, colour, and length in mind. It just makes for a quick and easy trip to the salon when you already know what you’re looking for.

3. Arrange Transportation

Decide how you and your bridal party will be getting from Point A to Point B that day. Are you going to book a a limo, limo bus, trolley, town car, etc.? Think of comfortability! You want to be able to get in and out of the vehicle easily despite wearing your dress, and you want your bridal party to feel comfortable too.

4. Start Planning Your Honeymoon 

Decisions, decisions! What do you and your hubby-to-be hope to do to celebrate your marriage as husband and wife? The honeymoon is such an integral part of the process, it’s the first time that the two of you will be able to enjoy each other as Mr. & Mrs. Perhaps it will be easier for you to get away later in the year, so you’ll opt for a mini-moon vacation after the wedding. Do you wish to go somewhere hot and tropical, or cold and cuddly? What is your budget regarding this? Needless to say, there are many decisions involved, so get thinking!

There are so many teeny details that go into planning a wedding that it can seem overwhelming at times! My advice to you is not to get ahead of yourself. Enjoy the process with your fiancé and include each other in the big decisions. Use the energy and time as a bonding experience and grow together as a couple. The whole wedding process should feel like a rehearsal for the actual marriage, so agree, disagree, and most importantly, love each other fearlessly. And if you’re getting married this year too, CONGRATULATIONS!


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