Suspension of Disbelief: Top 5 Must See Movies of 2016

A favourite date that my fiancé and I frequent is the going to see a movie at the theatre. We used to be kind of obsessive, seeing 2 sometimes 3 movies a week. We have even indulged in double movie dates where we see the early show then the late show. This is an indulgence that has become less and less prominent as we start to buckle down and save towards our wedding and dream home, but we still manage to get to the theatre about once or twice a month. We love the whole experience, the large tub of popcorn (no extra butter – it ruins it for us), a large fountain drink, and our favourite bag of chocolate make for the perfect pairings in our little world.

Being a drama teacher, suspension of disbelief is something I teach in my classroom on a daily basis. Being able to immerse yourself in a film by getting lost in an alternate reality for a short time is special. If you are truly suspending your disbelief, if a film has the ability to do that, then you are able to escape your mundane for a few hours of time. That is a beautiful thing. If you think about our daily stressors and typical occurrences, getting to  know these characters and stories is an intimate break from our day to day. When you are able to forget about your worries and fully enjoy a film to the extent that you forget you are sitting in a movie theatre, this is how you know a movie is well done. So today I am sharing my top 5 movies that we saw at the theatre this past year. Perhaps as you have some downtime over the holidays, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy some of these flicks with your loved ones.

1. Dr. Strange

Not your typical superhero movie, Dr. Strange is a pleasant surprise for Marvel moviegoers. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, it tells the tale of a loss of identity for an arrogant surgeon when an accident causes him to lose mobility in his hands. In search for a quick fix, the doctor travels to far away places in hopes to restore his injuries. Instead, he learns about the power of the human mind as he encounters a sorcerer who teaches him how to save the entire world, instead of only one life at a time. A great movie to share among friends and family.

2. Loving

Starring Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton, Loving tells the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple who fought for our equality to love in the 1950s. Their love forced them out of their home state of Virginia and into Washington, but the couple chose to rise against the confines of bigotry and prejudice. A truly moving story that plays largely into our history as a nation. A great story to cuddle up with your partner for.

3. The Jungle Book

A well known tale, Disney remade the childhood classic this year using live-action/CGI technology. Introducing Neel Sethi, The Jungle Book makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as it reminds you so much of your childhood but in a very real way. We still meet Mowgli, the orphaned boy being raised by a pack of wolves, who ultimately sets out on a journey of self discovery whilst guided by friendly animals, all the while evading the wrath of the evil Shere Khan. The storyline is familiar but the graphics are new and astounding. Fun if you have littles at home too!

4. The Legend of Tarzan

Despite knowing this story from childhood, this remake starring Alexander Skarsgard is not intended for kids. Of course, we meet Tarzan who has civilized himself in England and is already married to Jane. Sweetly, the movie reveals their love story in flashbacks and allows viewers to become captivated by their romance. We watch as Tarzan and Jane venture back to the jungle to investigate the wrongdoings of certain mining companies. It is here they are faced with turmoil and injustice, are captured, and the story unfolds. The Legend of Tarzan allows viewers to suspend their disbelief and become enthralled with the characters on screen. A fun date night movie!

5. Hacksaw Ridge

Another incredible true story, Hacksaw Ridge intertwines stories of faith, war, and courage in this WWII story. Andrew Garfield stars as Desmond Doss, a pacifist who believed in the cause of the war but not in the death associated with it, Doss worked as an army medic behind the lines. Never firing a single shot, he rescued 75 men without using a weapon. This is an inspirational biographical tale that intertwines a love story with a war film that is sure to be a great movie to enjoy with friends and family alike.


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