5 Envy Worthy Engagement Shoot Essentials

My fiancé and I recently had our engagement shots taken at Alexander Muir Park in Toronto. The photos (or what we’ve seen thus far) are all we could have asked for! We are so happy with them. There was so much build up to the shoot, so many teeny details that we had to pay attention to and think of, that the photos had become laced with pressure filled angst. When you begin making decisions about all things surrounding your wedding, you start to realize that these are some of the biggest moments of your life. Capturing the moment in our engagement shoot means capturing the moments that we will share with our closest friends and family, that we will one day share with our future children. To save you time and energy, I’m creating a list outlining the big ideas to focus on to make your engagement shoot go off without a hitch.

1. Photographer 

This seems obvious, but the first thing you shouldn’t focus on is choosing your photographer. Trust me, this was the most time consuming decision we’ve made this far in our engagement. Firstly, you have to decide on a budget and know that photographers are willing to work with you in that regard. If a photographer seems to be a little out of your price range, negotiate with them and see how low they’ll go for you. Also, check out some of their latest work and get a sense of whether or not their work suits your needs. Check out my photographer’s website here: Paris Audrey Photography

2. Season

If you have enough time between your engagement and your wedding, choose your favourite season for your engagement photos. I always feel nicest in my favourite season, you can wear what you’re most comfortable in, feel great about the weather, and know what to anticipate. We chose Autumn because we both love the falling of the leaves, the somewhat overcast sky, and the crisp weather. Your photographer will be able to capture the best parts of you if you feel comfortable!

3. Location

Once you choose the season, you can narrow down the best location for that time of year. It also depends on what type of look you’re trying to go for: are you wanting a nature or city look? Once you narrow that down, you can decide where you’ll go. Most photographers won’t mind travelling, my fiancé and I went to Alexander Muir Park in Toronto. We wanted a very nature-filled, Autumn photo shoot. We used this website to figure out where we wanted to take our photos Blog TO

4. Makeup 

Finding a good makeup artist is hard to come by. I’m a minimalist with makeup to begin with, and every time I’ve had my makeup done I haven’t really been satisfied. I decided to book Kristina’s Colours for my wedding, but she wasn’t available on my engagement shoot day. So I decided to shop around a little bit. Booking with All Things Pretty was a breeze. Their makeup artist Fatima travelled to me for application and was friendly and professional. My makeup was perfect, very natural and sweet and I really felt like myself, which was important to me.

5. Outfit

Wear what you are comfortable with! Don’t go over the top and wear what you’ve seen in other photographs. The truth is, what looks good on other people doesn’t look the same on everyone. It’s easy for us to look up other people’s photos and compare. You need to know what looks right on you. More importantly, you will feel comfortable and that will be captured in your photos. It’s always nice to get something new for your shoot, but buy something you’re used to!


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