Soul Hydration: Creating Vacation Islands (For Your Soul)

When I first started this blog, I wanted to use it to write without borders, without criticism and judgement. I wanted an outlet for my creativity and a place to speak my mind to those who found the time to lend an ear. I never wanted it to feel like a job, instead I wanted it to be something I looked forward to contributing to. So when I went back to work three weeks ago I became busy readjusting to an old schedule and forgot to carve out time to write here. I have been engulfed in my job and, as most teachers can agree, overwhelmed with my workload. This blog was always in the back of my mind but it felt more like a chore to write a post in that time than a fun way to express myself.  I was also somewhat experiencing writer’s block and so I took a step back and allowed myself to regain my footing in my day-to-day life. I knew an idea would surely come to me sooner or later, for I never wanted my posts on here to feel forced ore repetitive. And then it hit me- I should write about the moment, right now, that I am living. Write about taking time for yourself and finding that work-life balance that we all find so hard to manage. When you are a pleaser, as I surely am, you spend so much of your time appeasing other people that you forget to take care of yourself as well. There’s a distinct importance in focussing on yourself and taking the time to be selfish to relish in the things you enjoy doing. If we deprive ourselves of what we love and become too wrapped up in putting everyone’s needs before our own, then we will begin craving not only the same attention from others, but also alone time. In the same way that our body is already dehydrated before it recognizes we need water, our need for seclusion sneaks up on us as well. Solitude is medicine for the soul, a personal holiday from meeting the needs of others and nourishing ourselves. We need to create little islands of happiness within our mind and soul that we can visit from time to time. These islands are in place to help keep our sanity and separate our hasty, busy lifestyles from our need for alone time and solitude. Isolation is food for the soul, we live in a world that is so concerned with everything and anyone else, we so quickly lose track of who is most important: ourselves. When we do have alone time, we find ourselves reaching for our phones, computers, or TVs. Instead, take that time alone and meditate, pray, or reflect- simply spend time with yourself. Feed your soul before you dehydrate it, I know I will start making more of a conscious effort to do so as well. A hiatus is always good to cure writers block, but being gone too long will only hinder the spirit.


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