New (school) Year Resolutions: Finding Gratitude

September always gives me a safe feeling. I love this time of year, as summer winds down and autumn begins to take over. The sun rises later and sets earlier, the leaves begin to turn colour, the weather becomes cooler and you put away your flip flops and sandals in return for a chic leather bootie. This month always brings a sense of rebirth to me. I think because I’m a teacher it signifies a new beginning, the start of something fresh and unknown. Since I was younger, my years have always been counted by school months instead of calendar years. September-June is one full year for me and the summer months are a blur of relaxation and reading.

As summer winds down, I am reflecting on all the great things and happenings of this past year and I can’t help but praise God for all the blessings He has bestowed on me. There is comfort in knowing the universe has provided exactly what I need this past year and believing that she will continue to do so through this year as well. There is power in manifesting your own reality, and this past year I perfected my practice and so I feel an intense energy radiating from me. An energy of ease and happiness that I hope reflects onto others when I come into contact with them. As this stage of rebirth occurs throughout this month, I anticipate all the incredible things to come. I hope to be warm, welcoming, and helpful to all I come into contact with and to affect the lives of those around me in a positive way. I will be open to change and accepting of others’ differences.

I hope that if you’re reading this that you too will have a wonderful year filled with life’s treasures and perfect little manifestations. I hope that through the power of prayer and affirmations you create the life you have always imagined. I hope that you will come to peace with whatever it is that nags at you and bogs you down. I hope you will become more positive, more powerful, and more honest about yourself and others. I hope you will be well and I hope you will wish these same things on others as well. There is a certain power in believing in one another and building each other up. Strive to be happy.


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