Singular Siblings: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

If you are a sibling and have not heard the song “Brother” by Avicii yet, you should give it a listen. Odds are you have, though, since the song is used in a very popular Coca Cola commercial right now. The commercial tells the story of two brothers, one younger, one older, and focuses on the relationship between the boys. It showcases how though the older brother teases his younger sibling, he will protect him without fail against harm. Similarly, the song tells the same tale about siblings and moving mountains to ensure the safety of your counterpart. And if you are a sibling, then you know that both these stories are true and that you share the same feelings of honour and bravery towards your brothers and sisters. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it, the bond between siblings. You were created from the same set of parents, or sometimes only share one in common, and so you are manifested of the same DNA. And the way physical DNA intertwines when looked at under a microscope, in that same way you are entangled with your siblings. There is an innate bond between you that is impossible to infiltrate by any outside forces. God has chosen you for each other and the universe has granted you the honour of lifelong keeper and defender of one another. Together with your siblings, you will carry on the family name and traditions long after your parents are gone. 

I have only one brother. We are thirteen months apart and so we were raised much like twins, always only one year apart from each other in school and sharing the same sets of friends. Whatever one did the other quickly followed suit, we were hardly ever apart. Although my brother is not very much older than me, I have always looked up to him and respected his decisions and ideas. He has always been my protector, I have always looked to him in times of need and really, I know he looks to me in these times as well. When there are only two of you then you wind up counting on each other for anything and everything. You quickly learn trust through the relationship formed with your singular sibling. Growing up, I always wondered what it would be like to have more than one sibling  around and secretly wished for a sister. But looking back, I realize that I have always had exactly what I needed. Though I still love a big(ger) family, I know and trust that the universe has provided exactly what my family needed. I would not change one thing about my childhood or my adult life. Two years ago my brother got married and I gained a wonderful sister. Our family continues to grow as they have a little girl now and watching my brother as Daddy has been a wonderful experience. He is her protector now, and she looks at him with such adoring eyes. She has him eating out of the palm of her hand, which is funny because my brother is a tattooed, fully bearded, large man. But I know my brother’s heart, as most siblings know of each other. We were the first to see what’s underneath the exterior and behind the walls. Siblings see each other in their rawest moments, and because of that you cannot break the bond between one another.

In March, my brother’s childhood best friend was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. My brother crumbled under this news, life unfathomable without his best friend by his side. A best friend who was a newly wed and became a father just 12 days before his death. As devastating as this is: his new wife a widow and his brand new son to grow up without a father, my heart bled for his younger brother. His singular sibling who now would have to go through life without his only true confidant. I keep thinking that his younger brother will now be all alone in this world once their parents pass on. There will be no one to share in the traditions that their family created together. When there are only two of you, then you inevitably count on each other for everything… and now his brother will have to go it alone. Alas, it is God’s plan, and during these dark times is when our faith is truly tested but also truly relevant. This event has caused me to meditate and reflect on the relationship and bond I share with my brother. So if you get the chance, try and do the same in your own sibling relationships. Reach out to say hello and let them know how much you appreciate them. Cherish your memories together and all the memories that are sure to come. There is no relationship or bond like the one between brothers and sisters, and if you are blessed enough to have even just one, hold it close to your heart.


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