Catch and Release: Accepting the Spilt Milk

Each person is singularly impacted by the varying forces of the universe in acutely differing ways. The old saying “don’t cry over spilt milk” has been resonating with me more distinctly now than it has in the past. I believe this is because I am at a stage in my meditative journey that is allowing me free myself from the trivial daily obscurities. I have come to understand that life shifts ever so slightly even when you are least expecting it. Instead of allowing these shifts to consume us, it is important that we move with these shifts and designate them as a new part of our journey. If we resist, we stir up unwanted emotions and build roadblocks that only hinder our personal growth. There is magic in catching these shifts, accepting them, and then releasing them.

The happenings of the universe can influence individuals in unique ways which can impact each person’s outlook on life as a whole. This occurs in many different ways ranging from being caught in a traffic jam to an unexpected argument with a stranger. Manage these moments. When your milk seems to be spilling from your cup, accept that you cannot change it and allow it to become part of your course. Attempting to change this will only serve to bring you more strife. This is because we cannot change the course of our fate. What is happening has already been predisposed upon your conception and so it is meant to be a part of you. Resisting these hiccups only causes you to carry negativity around with you like a wet blanket. It weighs you down and leaves you feeling cold and uncomfortable. Allow the milk to spill as opposed to trying to stop it, once it is spilt don’t attempt to sideswipe it or mop it up. Instead, relish in this spilt milk and look for the message the universe is sending you in the puddle.

Once you have mastered this idea, you will begin to notice changes in your day-to-day life. You will find yourself more at peace with the universe and God, more accepting of unexpected changes and shifts. What I have learned is patience is not about the act of waiting, but of how you act while waiting. If you allow yourself to become consumed by anger and annoyance, you will in turn send negative energy out into the universe. This only serves to create a ripple effect; the universe will surely bring this energy back to you. Sometimes, changing your perspective and working with the universe as these changes are occurring, however quickly or slowly, can provide you with the growth you have been yearning for all along. Metaphorically, the universe is like the milkman: sometimes she is late, sometimes she is on time, and other times she is early. What is important to remember is that she is surely on her way to bring you what you need.


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