Old Guy’s Tales: 10 Things I Learned From My Father

I am my father’s daughter, this I know to be infinitely true. As much as I have tried to fight against it in the past, if growing older has taught me anything it is that parts of my dad are intrinsically within me. Some good, some bad, but I cherish every reminder because it is just that. A reminder that I would not be where I am today without that stubborn, witty, big hearted man. And so I am grateful to be his daughter and honoured to share pieces of him. My father is a provider, our family never went without even if it meant he had to. It wasn’t until my adult life that I started to understand the sacrifices he made for our family. At first, a wave of guilt overcame me: here was my father, a factory worker who came from nothing and I was selfishly driving around the brand new family car back and forth to university that he was helping me pay for. I remember thinking how I didn’t deserve all of the pleasures I received in life because it came at the expense of my dad’s fruitless labour. Then I realized that he wouldn’t want it any other way. That he was working as hard as he did so that I could drive around the new family car to university that he was helping me pay for. The golden rule: always give your children more than what you had so they can give their children more than what they had. I have learned some of life’s key lessons from my dad that I’d like to share with you, and maybe you can take something special from these lessons too. 

1. Kill them with kindness

The best revenge comes from being better than the the person who wronged you, and the best type of people are always nice! You can’t be everyone’s favourite person, but you can be kind to everyone you meet regardless of how they treat you no matter how much you have to grin and bare it. Life goal: be so good that if anyone were to speak ill of you, no one would believe them. Get knocked down six, get back up seven.

2. Stay one step ahead 

Never give yourself the opportunity for failure by always being one item on your to-do-list ahead. Don’t let work pile up and you can’t fall behind! This makes you a reliable person which is important in a world with so many distractions.

3. Give more than what you have

Joy comes from giving to someone who has less than you. If someone asks to borrow $20 but you only have $10, give what you can and see that they are able to make up the rest.

4. Own your mistakes

Did I make mistakes growing up? Sure, we all do and I still do now. Dad taught me to own up to my mistakes instead of making excuses. This makes you a trusted person, another key life goal. When you own your mistakes you can easily learn from them and move on quickly without dwelling.

5. Pray

No one knows your true intentions like the big guy upstairs. Prayer happens in all shapes and sizes and isn’t meant to be used only when asking for something. Give thanks for all His blessings any chance you get!

6. Humour can be found anywhere

Dad’s the best at making a joke out of nothing. You know those old, corny “dad jokes” that come out of no where but make everyone howl with laughter? I guess I’ve inherited this trait because I find myself sounding more like my dad in my humour everyday…

7. Respect others

Respect must be given in order to be received. Never disrespect another human being on this planet. Being respectful can do nothing but send positive energy to the universe which will always make its way back to you.

8. Enjoy the company you keep

Take the time to get away with your loved ones. It is so important for sustained connections among families and friends. Even if it’s only a day trip, enjoy your time together whenever you have the opportunity.

9. Indulge when you can

Money does not grow on trees! Ironically, another lesson I learned. But when you can, savour life’s indulgences and treat yourself. You’ll be grateful that you did.

10. Love your family over everything

This is the most important lesson I learned. Family comes before anything in our household and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family.

Dad, we have come a long way and I am so proud of where you currently are in your spiritual journey. You have made strides in recent years and I am very happy of your accomplishments. Thank you for teaching me these ten things among many, many other important life lessons. Happy Father’s day, I love you more than you know.

What are some things your father has taught you? Comment below!


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