Friday Feels

What is it about Friday that makes us feel so happy? The end of a workweek brings such excitement to our lives! Every start of a new week brings a reborn anticipation of the looming Friday that is sure to join us in just 4 short days. Personally, I look forward to having two days off in a row that can help me organize my chaos and reconnect with my loved ones. My Fridays are dedicated to family time and fun, and so I plan my week around them. I switch from hot to iced coffee, I wear comfortable clothes to work, sometimesI don’t pack a lunch so my work friends and I can go out to grab something together.

In my classroom, Fridays are always a day to look forward to. I write the date on the board and spell “FRI-YAY” in capital letters followed by the month and day. I can always count on at least one sarcastic student pointing out that I’ve made a spelling error and we laugh about it as a class. My students enter my classroom on a Friday smiling and looking for the weekly “spelling error”. They giggle when they notice and sometimes I catch some of them SnapChatting it to their friends. Fridays in my classroom are laid back. I front load my weeks’ lessons so Fridays can be dedicated to work periods or group work. I want my students to look forward to class everyday of the week, but especially on Fridays. I start each Friday class by showing them a video from “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”. I can’t take credit for this fun idea, a teacher friend of mine coined the scheme. This gives students something to look forward to during the week. We have aptly named the day “Fallon Friday” and my kids come into class asking me about which video we will be watching. Sometimes I hear them say on another day of the week that they can’t wait for “Fallon Friday”. Funny how a short 3 minute clip can make their week!

Another Friday ritual (though not every week) I do with my students is “Fri-Yay Gratitude”. I write F R I Y A Y across the board in bubble letters and leave a Post-It note on each student’s desk. I tell students to write one thing they have been grateful for that week on their Post-It and to stick it around the board anonymously. Together, we read their gratitude posts and reflect on them as a class. I believe in the power of classroom reflection. I think that it helps our students connect to each other’s vibrations and creates an environment that is conducive to learning. We spend so much time together in class that it’s only natural for students to want to get to know one another. Each of our students is different from the next and by allowing them to share their reflections in a positive, safe place we only strengthen their bond. Fridays in the classroom should be an anticipated day filled with fun classroom rituals.

What are some of your Friday traditions that make the end of your workweek something to anticipate? Comment below!


One thought on “Friday Feels

  1. michael lidstone says:

    I have every day off that ends in ‘Y’ so I guess FriYay is just another day for me…..although my family usually shows up for Sunday dinner….but I love that part of my family….some parts….not so well liked!


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